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I am thinking of doing a few changes around here - but without players and players bring in new players (oh go get them from your Facebook, people) - we'll have to play it by ear. We're also going to do away with some of our contests - and retire them. You might get less contests here to play...but they'll be the more enjoyable ones. I'm also thinking of adding some other little written bits...and perhaps that's where some of you can get involved...or maybe not. We'll see. The new "Rat's Asses" deadline will also be announced...which means you have to either use or lose your points to redeem for a prize. I'm thinking of 29 February 2012.

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Here's a little "movie" of my kitty, Emo, lying in our partially filled bathroom sink with the water running...he doesn't seem to mind and has done it a few times. :) Emo is no more - for now I'm keeping this here in memory of him.

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