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  • Not So FAQ

    Q: When do you update contests?

    A: Please keep in mind that this is approximate...some days contests may be updated a little earlier or later.

    Rotating Contest: Every 7 days
    Imagine That: Soon After Cut-Off Date Listed at Bottom of Contest Page
    MissQuotes: Every 7 days
    Mediacrity: Every 7 days
    PhotoLaughs: Every 7 days
    ReBa: Every 7 days
    Top Stu: Every 7 days
    Top Ten: Every 7 days
    TOTW: Once every couple weeks...or so

    Q: Hey, I sent in almost the same or the exact same entry...what gives?

    A: Some people have asked us questions pertaining to when we have multiple entries...who gets picked in that case. Our policy here is this: When we have the exact same entry...and we choose it...only the first two people (received time-wise) who sent in that entry will get credit for it. When we have "similar" entries...we use our discretion as to whether or not the wording was exact enough to put two people's names after it...of course, using only that entry which we believe to be better worded. Bear in mind that just because you came up with something "along the same lines" as a chosen entry...if we deem it is not worded "close enough"...we will not list your name as well. Most times, unless the entry was very obscure...better wording of an entry will determine the winner.

    Q: My entry was fantastic...in fact, another site had it as their winner, how come it didn't win here?

    A: Well, believe it or not...we try to keep HMO's chosen winners/runners-up as original as possible...and yes, we do check entries which seem as if we've heard/read them before. I'm sure we don't get them all, as we are not the oracle of comedy...but we do our fair share of "eliminations"...trust me. Also, wouldn't you rather we pick YOUR entry and not one made up by someone else with your name tacked on next to it?

    Q: I loved the Limericks, DeFUNitions, Tri-Fi, etc., contest...some other stupid contest is now in its place...are you ever going to bring it back?

    A: That contest slot was determined, at the onset of HMO, to be a rotating contest one. What that means is that approximately every three months, a new contest starts up and the previous one "retires". We will usually give you at least a week's notice that it is going to be replaced...and most times we run a contest to name the new one. Some are well-liked and will return again...it's just that you have to wait a while for one to recur. Plus, you never know...you might end up liking the new one even better than the "shelved" one.

    Q: I received an email notification when I placed in the Top Ten and PhotoLaughs contest, but you never sent me one when I was mentioned at another contest...why didn't you let me know?

    A: We don't send them out for each contest...we believe that half the fun is clicking on the contest and being surprised. We do for some...that's just the way we do it - doesn't mean it had to make sense. :)

    Q: I'd like to submit a topic for an entry...who do I send it to?

    A: Please send all topic suggestions to the respective contest via the same link as you would send an entry. The exception would be Imagine That. Those you can send to Twittyme@aol.com. Please do not include the source of the photo or a link to the site where the photo is...we do this because we do not "lift" any image from any site without their prior permission. It might sound like a silly rule, but it's our policy and that's the way it is.

    Q: Hey, I'd really like to let my workplace, friends, college, etc., know about HMO...can I tell them or do they have to be invited by you?

    A: We welcome everyone to play HMO...in fact, we would very much appreciate it if you could spread the word about us. We pretty much rely on word of mouth to get new visitors as I don't shell out any money for advertising...so any help you can do, we would be extremely grateful. I even have a little HMO flyer that you could print out to post on bulletin boards and other places of interest in your workplace/college/dorm/town...if you would like to have a copy of that, please let me know. I can either supply you the page for you to print it out - or I could send you copies already printed. Just email me at Cadeaux@humormeonline.com - and I will try my best to accomodate you.

    Q: I have some prizes that I'd love for you to put in your prize vault or give out as tacky ones for Tweak Of The Week. Would you like them?

    A: More than likely we would love to receive your prizes...unless they are food items, illegal things, or things that are just too darned big or heavy to mail out easily. Keep in mind, I mail these all out with my own money...so if it costs $8.00 to mail out a prize that's worth about 25 cents (altho I've done it before)...I'd rather decline the offer. So, if you are thinking of sending us a prize, please let us know beforehand.

    Q: Is that address on your home page really your address?

    A: Yes, that really is a valid address...and it belongs to HumorMeOnline.

    Q: Do you have a limit as to how many entries I can send in?

    A: Yes, we didn't used to...but we figured it would be more "equal to everyone" if we limited the number of entries you can send to any one contest to 20. We probably won't count them and once in a while we don't mind if you go over the limit...but if you do it every single time, we will be forced to ignore entries sent after your 20th. Tweak Of The Week is the only contest where we still allow more than 20 entries...there is no limit there (but don't go too insane and send in 200).

    Q: I won a prize at 'Tweak Of The Week' or 'Top Stu' but never got contacted...what is up with that?

    A: We notify everyone when they win those contests. Mail being what mail is - sometimes it might end up in your spam folder, sometimes it just might get lost in cyberspace. If you don't get a notification about a contest prize win (even if that win was months and months ago)...please let me know at Cadeaux@HumorMeOnline.com and I will take care of it for you. If you don't hear back by me in a day or two...please contact me again. Sometimes I don't get mail either...and I honestly want to send these prizes off to you so they don't clutter up my desk, closets, bedroom, etc. Plus...you did EARN them...and who doesn't like free stuff just for winning a contest? Please put "Prize Claim" in the subject line so it will be easier for me to locate and refer to later as well.

    Submit your question here.